Seedooh to Verify all Revolution360 campaigns


REVOLUTION360 campaigns to be independently verified by SEEDOOH

A Street Poster industry-first, closing the loop between data-for-planning, reporting and verification

Out-of-Home (OOH) media provider Revolution360 has enabled end-to-end transparency with independent verification platform Seedooh following the launch of its proprietary planning and data tool 360Intelligence in March of this year.

Seedooh provides complete and standardised reporting for buyers and sellers in both digital and classic OOH in compliance with SOC2, the highest global standard in non-financial data assurance. 

The software integration provides all clients with complete transparency in campaign reporting by independently verifying the time, location and creative details of every posting and take-down.     

“Accountability with posting isn’t a nice-to-have in OOH, it is a must-have. We knew that if we were going to invest in our audience profiling and reporting capabilities we couldn’t stop there. We needed to ensure we fully closed the loop on any client’s out-of-home buy,” said VMG Group Head of Marketing Samantha Summers.

“This is a first for the Street Poster sector with no other operators enabling independently verified campaign reporting, let alone to this standard. Clients can have complete faith that they will know what is posted and if there are errors, we can quickly and transparently address them. This brings us in line with the major players in the marketplace and puts Street Posters firmly on the map,” said Ms Summers. 


Seedooh’s PwC alignment provides further market confidence in the platform’s ability to independently verify the integrity of campaign delivery data. 


“In order to meet the requirements for best-practice data assurance and verification, Revolution360 have upgraded their processes and systems for campaign scheduling and installation. This commitment to technology and connected data has enabled Seedooh to provide automated transparency in campaign delivery verification for all their customers, whilst also generating significant efficiencies for their business,” said Seedooh Chief Data Officer Kenta Shimizu.


Since launching the 360Intelligence platform’s unique audience profiling and reach-based metrics, Revolution360 has increased its revenue by 300 per cent and have been able to carry a broader range of clients such as Heinz, Coles and NAB. Seedooh now closes the loop to drive further confidence.


“For me this is about walking the walk. We have talked for a long time about how our product and service is superior to those who operate in the same space as us, now we are backing that up with audience data, reporting and the final piece, post-campaign verification,” said Revolution360 GM of Operations, Sean McCaull.


Clients and agencies have the ability to access the Seedooh platform and confirm campaign posting in real-time, completely independently of Revolution360.


Source: Revolution360 MEDIA RELEASE - 29 July 2021


About Revolution360

Revolution360 is a  multi-dimensional marketer specialising in Street Posters and bespoke marketing activations, experiences and brand moments that are inside, outside, all around. 360Intelligence is a prosperity planning and data tool that has applied a digital methodology to profiling audiences across each of its OOH panels using mobile location data. The data provides an overall reach-based metric by panel as well as a view on those users’ interests in particular products, brands or topics.

Seedooh to verify Tonic Media Network


Seedooh to verify Tonic Media Network.

Out of Home campaigns across Australia’s largest health and wellbeing media network will now be verified by Seedooh, with Tonic Media Network becoming the latest addition to a growing list of clients using the innovative platform. 

Under the contract, all Tonic’s advertisers and partners can receive transparent campaign delivery reporting, with every second of every play on each of its c.3,000 displays verified by Seedooh in line with globally accepted standards in data assurance.

Seedooh’s best-practice Independent Verification Platform involves automated secure processing to ensure that results are timely and accurate, removing the potential for human error or manipulation in manually handling large amounts of data. 

Tonic CEO Richard Silverton said:

"As we continue to improve the sophistication of our network and data, we can offer very broad or very targeted access for brands to a high value audience with plenty of time to engage with the most relevant messages."“It’s critical that our customers have the confidence that we are delivering the right content, to the right screens at the right time – and that if anything happens to impact that endeavour, then we are able to identify and rectify the issues as quickly as possible." 

“Seedooh is designed and proven to enable these things automatically and at scale, so we are very pleased to activate this integration, to help us improve our campaign reporting and delivery promise to all our customers.

Seedooh Founder and CEO Tom Richter said the new partnership would provide robust and independent assurance for campaigns running across Tonic’s network. 

Our solution is efficient and automated, meaning less work for the Tonic team in demonstrating to their clients that their marketing budgets are being used effectively. With complete campaign data on demand for all Out of Home activity, we are making life easier for businesses like Tonic, giving them confidence backed by best practice controls in data integrity.”

Seedooh launched in Australia in 2017 as the world’s first Independent Verification Platform for Out of Home media. Since then, the platform has automatically verified over 50 billion delivery events within more than 50,000 campaigns, using a controls framework aligned with the SOC 2 global best practice assurance standard in non-financial data. 

Tonic Media Network joins JCDecaux, oOh!media and BIG Outdoor in offering third-party verified reports to its customers. Campaigns with QMS, Shopper Media Group and most other significant DOOH networks can also be Seedooh Verified automatically on request, to the same best-practice standards. 

Seedooh has also expanded its Independent Verification Platform capabilities into cinema and stadium delivery verification, offering the same rigid standards and compliance reporting for advertising in public space media.

QMS NZ integrates Seedooh with national digital network


QMS NZ press release 16th September 2020 

QMS NZ is pleased to announce the launch of Seedooh’s independent reporting and verification platform, for all QMS Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaigns, as advertisers increasingly focus on brand safe and transparent environments for their advertising.

Digital outdoor has seen phenomenal year-on-year growth and is increasingly used for complex dynamic multi-flight and multi-site schedules. Understanding this, QMS NZ recognises that utilising independent verification platforms will help provide reassurance and confidence to their client base. Seedooh’s platform easily integrates into QMS NZ’s digital operational system to allow advertisers access to proof of their DOOH campaign delivery, as well as giving them access to data that helps evaluate campaign performance, across New Zealand’s largest large format digital network.

Angus Swainson - Strategy Director, Outdoor

“QMS NZ’s national digital network continues to deliver unparalleled reach across New Zealand and has rapidly expanded into key regional metropolitan areas. As our network coverage increases and the breadth and complexity of campaigns escalates, we recognise the need to give our advertisers confidence that their campaigns have run on time and in the right locations.  This is a natural step in the maturity of DOOH in New Zealand”

Tom Richter, Founder and CEO of Seedooh said:

“Our entirely automated, low impact approach to providing best practice independent verification and campaign reporting at scale has been proven and adopted at market level in Australia over the last 3 years. We’re very pleased to now be adding New Zealand’s biggest large format digital network to the platform, as we continue to expand the business into progressive markets, where standardisation, automation and confidence are recognised catalysts for innovation and growth”.

QMS NZ (specialist out-of-home, digital media and production business) is part of MediaWorks, New Zealand’s largest independent broadcaster. The combined businesses are the first in market to realise the combined power of out-of-home, radio, TV and digital as an unrivalled destination for advertisers to build brands and maximise audience reach.

Seedooh's 3rd Birthday Newsletter

It’s been a big 3 years for Seedooh and we’d like to share a few of our learnings and recent updates.


3 years ago, Seedooh launched its Independent Verification Platform (IVP) to the Australian market, providing much needed visibility to all buyers and sellers of Out-of-Home (OOH) media – on how their campaigns are displayed in the real world.

Since then:

  • We have verified over 50bn plays and installation events on c.50,000 D/OOH ‘signs’ in Australia and New Zealand
  • The platform has expanded its core capabilities, to provide automated, independently verified reporting solutions for Cinema and Stadia screen networks
  • What began as a very localised debate on the importance of accountability and transparency in OOH delivery (particularly Digital OOH or DOOH), is becoming recognised as a matter of critical global importance for the sector

There’s been another, very significant change locally, too. In the first 12-18 months of our Australian market scale proof of concept, much of the demand for verification was driven by a concern that advertisers may not be getting ‘what they paid for’…

In general terms; the right amount of exposure, on the right number of screens, in the agreed locations, for the right message – and the big one… the agreed ‘share of the loop’.

This makes sense, in a fast digitising world, where demand (and prices) were growing fast and booking parameters were becoming infinitely more complex – in a sector with little standardisation – few knew exactly what they were buying… and nobody knew for sure what they were getting.

After just 18 months, though – almost all DOOH networks were system integrated with Seedooh and best practice controls enabled standardised, automatic verification and instant reporting of campaign delivery – for any advertiser who requested it.

So that’s the biggest change – from a sector where nobody really knew anything for sure about their campaign, to a sector where anybody can find out – instantly – and analyse every verified play on every validated screen, if they really want to.

From a transparent reporting perspective, Australia and New Zealand are leading the world. The Seedooh platform standardises, verifies, analyses and reports Big Data – in summary, or in granular detail – and has virtually no impact on the campaign implementation process for buyers, sellers or intermediaries. Even better, the campaign reporting process is actually up to 90% more efficient and 100% more connected than the old manual self-reporting processes – for publishers and agencies using the platform to its full potential.

This hygiene factor is only part of the reason we designed and built the platform: Automation of an important process for the world’s oldest medium, seeking to compete and add value in a digitised world.

The other driving factor has always been the absolute certainty that OOH buyers and sellers will never be able to make the most of data-led automation (and programmatic) – unless advertisers can have absolute confidence that they are getting something of value*. Regardless if the ‘value’ is; a delivered audience, or exposure time on screens, or sales of widgets, or shifts in perception or intent – the baseline factual foundation is whether or not the right ad was shown on the right screen at the right time. Every time.

* When we attended conferences and meetings in London, New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and offered this point of view: two years ago – there was almost universal shrugging, a year ago – much more interest, and more recently, especially in the last few months – a number of informed people are now making well reasoned, very familiar statements about the importance of independent verification for the future of OOH. (We have included some examples below, which are also featured on our website at www.seedooh/news).

This is a good thing for OOH – and for advertisers who want to make the most of OOH in the future. It’s also good for Seedooh: we’ve got a future ready platform, proven at scale over 3 years, in one of the world’s most advanced and rapidly evolving media markets with a well defined roadmap to enhance and scale locally and globally.

We’re already working closely with progressive thinkers and doers in multiple northern hemisphere markets and we’re always looking for new, challenging and productive discussions.

We’ll try and get some more newsletters out before our 4th birthday – but please feel free to get in touch with thoughts or questions in the meantime.

Partner Profile

Brendon Cook, CEO, oOh!media

Brendon Cook, CEO of oOh!media talks to us about: how the “COVID world” has further sharpened his focus on data and technology, the ever-changing dynamics of the sector, and the importance of scale, efficiency and transparency.

Seedooh: The oOh! business has grown enormously through both organic and acquisitive expansion in the last 10 years, most recently with the onboarding of Adshel in 2018/9. What’s the plan for growth from here?

BC: With Adshel coming into the business, our portfolio of assets and ability to reach audiences at scale is now unrivalled, at both a metro and national level. Our plans moving forward will demonstrate how scale of reach, combined with category buyer targeting, delivers the most unmissable and effective campaigns for our agencies and clients. Addressing the needs of the market by delivering efficient reach of audiences is how we will be best positioned to grow.
On top of this we want to make the process of planning, buying, managing, tracking and analysing Out of Home campaigns a lot simpler and smarter through our investments in technology and quality data. If we can streamline that customer experience, we will create more advocates for the medium and growth will follow.


Seedooh: oOh! took a strategic leadership approach and began investing in connected data and technology across the business a few years ago – how’s that going, and how has COVID changed your perspective on this?

BC: When you have tens of thousands of assets, understanding audience at location and understanding how to influence ROI through the most effective combination of environments and formats is critical. We made very deliberate choices about the type of data we chose to map our panels against. Developing our SmartReach planning tool, powered by Quantium, provides retail purchasing data mapped to location, giving us the ability to know what the audience buys, and not just where they are.
Targeting category buyers, or buyergraphics, is proven without doubt to drive greater campaign effectiveness than demographic targeting. Developing the tech to deliver category buyers, at speed, across thousands of locations is a huge task, but will deliver a step change in the way we deal with the industry – saving time while delivering cost efficiencies and certainty of audience, is a huge focus. COVID-19 hasn’t changed our direction, but intensified our focus on the importance of delivering the best outcomes for our clients through the scale of our network, enabled by our data and tech.


Seedooh: There’s a new competitive environment on at least two new fronts from here on in. Firstly, JCDecaux are a global force to be reckoned with in ANZ now, since their acquisition of APN, and secondly, media budgets may be challenged moving forward. Is this a new battleground? Do any of the old rules apply? What’s the biggest priority for the next 12 months?

BC: The competitiveness of the landscape has always existed, but the opportunity for consolidation, which looked like it would occur, hasn’t eventuated as such. Street Furniture is a great example – by this time next year there will be three players, and there are also multiple players in retail. Our biggest priority is focusing on what we can deliver for our customers, and the one thing that will not change for us and that is what we can deliver to the market as a scaled, national offering, underpinned by robust third party and industry approved data. We have incredible reach, with the ability to deliver greater efficiency through that scale, and that is especially valuable as the media landscape becomes more complex to navigate. Disparate data sets, questionable data quality, complex and convoluted offerings… all of these things make Out of Home hard. Our priority is to make buying audiences at scale simple, effective and efficient.


Seedooh: oOh! were the first Out-of-Home business to embrace independent verification and complete transparency at scale. What were you thinking at the time? And now, after 3 years?

BC: Our decision to enter into verification was built on the belief that our advertising partners have the right to know they got what they paid for – it’s that straightforward.
This view remains the same as the industry develops. It is interesting to see that themes around ad fraud, brand safety and delivery are not going away in other channels. However, Out of Home as a physical, not blockable or skippable medium, continues to value third party verification to ensure we deliver on our promise.
The Seedooh platform provides us with the cleanest and most transparent integration into our systems. It is a platform that is always available to both buyer and seller to track campaigns and, most importantly, provides advertisers a reporting solution across digital and static inventory. These are the important reasons that make Seedooh the right verification platform for oOh!media’s business across Australia and New Zealand.

Seedooh Feature Development

Insights & Analytics

Seedooh Insights & Analytics will provide users with a macro-level snapshot of campaign performance. Key metrics, such as share of voice or time on screen, can be viewed at an overall campaign level instantly. Granular data supporting these metrics can be queried on demand.

After 3 years, supporting over 2,500 users, we know that there are hundreds of relevant and useful queries that are regularly made – based on individual campaign parameters and user requirements. Our Insights & Analytics feature will enable quick, interactive access to top level campaign insights, for the most common use-cases – and customisation of automated notifications by campaign.

Interested in learning more about Seedooh’s Insights & Analytics module? Get in touch!

Programmatic Verification

With the rise of dynamic and programmatic DOOH, the topic of verification in OOH has rightly extended into the prDOOH supply chain. Expanding on its core of static and digital OOH, Seedooh is now testing and refining a best practice demand-side initiated prDOOH verification solution.

As with Seedooh’s current USP, all future verification solutions will be in line with global best practices, with no manual processes – which create inefficiency and the possibility of error or manipulation of data. For Advertisers or Agencies who would like to see their prDOOH and / or Dynamically delivered DOOH campaign data alongside their other D/OOH, Get in touch!


Our favourite campaign this month

The World Out-of-Home Organisation (WOO)’s #OurSecondChance global campaign started locally on 4th August. So far in Australia, Seedooh has recorded and verified almost 24 million plays in DOOH – over 43,000 hours of time on-screen – and 800+ Classic OOH installations. A tremendous contribution from OMA members – and a genuinely positive and engaging message, perfect for the great canvas of OOH.

For more information, see

* These metrics have been updated since our original newsletter and are current at 25th August 2020.

Recent News & Opinion Pieces

Go Media integrates with Seedooh

“In our quest to provide the best of outdoor solutions for advertisers, we wanted to deliver to their expectation of accountability. Our integration with Seedooh enables us to provide a user-friendly dashboard proving spot delivery either during or post campaign.”  – Simon Teagle, General Manager, Go Media

LIVE BOARD & Seedooh conduct POC to prepare for future of DOOH

“It is critical that advertisers have confidence and trust that their messages are being delivered as intended. We know this from the digital world and DOOH must also address this requirement, particularly in the programmatic future. To meet this demand, we have been working closely with Seedooh’s expert team to ensure that LIVE BOARD can satisfy the stringent requirements of their Independent Verification Platform.” – Ichiro Jinnai, CEO, LIVE BOARD

Admobilize & Seedooh announce data integration partnership

“Our partnerships, such as with Seedooh, exponentially advance our solutions in providing “truth metrics” across the global DOOH and OOH advertising landscape. Together with Seedooh we expect our value proposition to provide immense value to media owners and advertisers alike.” – Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO, AdMobilize

The programmatic potential for Digital Out of Home

“An immediate focus for both emerging and established players is accountability in the market. Currently, media owners and buying technologies report on the effectiveness of the same campaigns that they ran. The PrOOH ecosystem will need to develop independent reporting solutions rather than rely on buying and selling platforms to provide transparency in campaign performance.”

Digital Out of Home and its verification capabilities the next big thing for advertisers in APAC?

“The dynamic and contextual nature of digital out of home increases the possibility of incorrect ad delivery which makes third-party verification critical to the success of the medium.”

Go Media Integrates with Seedooh

Pressing GO on transparency

Go Media, New Zealand’s largest locally owned outdoor media company, has just finalised an integration with Melbourne-based Seedooh to provide independent 3rd party delivery verification of campaigns across Go Media’s digital assets.

Go Media General Manager Simon Teagle said:

“In our quest to provide the best of outdoor solutions for advertisers, we wanted to deliver to their expectation of accountability. Our integration with Seedooh enables us to provide a user-friendly dashboard proving spot delivery either during or post campaign.”

Go Media’s Head of Digital, Parris Downey also added:

“As we press further into the digital environment with OOH, the established pillars we see in traditional digital such as ad verification, accurate audience measurement and data-driven insights, will become common-place and provide a more familiar, accountable and dynamic proposition for key client partners.”

Seedooh Founder & CEO Tom Richter said:

“The Seedooh platform offers tremendous efficiency in the campaign reporting process, as well as the confidence that every play-out event is independently verified to global best practice standards. We applaud Go Media’s approach to transparency and look forward to helping demonstrate the increasing value of connected data at scale in New Zealand.”


About Go Media:

Go Media is New Zealand’s largest locally owned outdoor company, with the most comprehensive nationwide portfolio of outdoor media assets on offer. Go Media digital network spans Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hastings, Gisborne, Taupo, New Plymouth, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Masterton, Levin, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. What sets Go Media apart is their unrivalled support of community-based organisations and firm belief in being a champion for brand Kiwi growth and success; expressed by giving back at a local level.


About Seedooh: 

Seedooh is a fully independent technology platform specifically designed, built (and proven at market scale in Australia) to provide complete and standardised reporting for buyers and sellers in the Out of Home industry.  It is the only fully independent reporting system that provides near real-time, third party verification of display for both digital and traditional formats. 

The level of confidence in the data is ensured by the Seedooh Confidence Framework which demands best practice data controls are applied and assessed against globally recognised reporting standards. Seedooh has an alignment with PwC to provide further market confidence in the platform's ability to independently verify the integrity of campaign delivery data.

AdMobilize & Seedooh Announce Data Integration Partnership

AdMobilize and Seedooh have announced a new data integration partnership.

The partnership will enable the automated integration of two foundational data-sets, of increasing importance for brands. For the first time, complete and independently verified Out-of-Home message delivery data will be instantly available, alongside high fidelity, real-time audience data.

The first business to integrate the data-sets will be Lumo Digital Outdoor, based in New Zealand.

Company co-Founder & CEO Phil Clemas said: “This is a key component of a number of initiatives we are putting in place this year, to give our team and our customers access to the data they need to plan and execute better campaigns. It’s critical for Out-of-Home to prove that it can both compete with, and complement brand messages in other media channels, particularly mobile and digital, but also TV and radio. Audience and message delivery metrics are both table stakes for the future of our sector, we look forward to bringing them together”

Seedooh’s independent verification platform, uses low-impact system integrations proven at market scale, to provide complete and automated, best-practice verification of every play-out in a DOOH network or installation of a static poster. The data is reported via a mature platform dashboard, enabling summary or granular analysis of every conceivable campaign delivery metric, including; share of voice / time, location, milliseconds on screen, spots in loop, creative execution / rotation, dynamic delivery reporting, and more.

AdMobilize’s computer vision and AI software can provide, in real time and 100% anonymously, data regarding audience impressions, demographics and overall engagement at scale. Together with Seedooh, AdMobilize continues to drive the industry forward by excelling accountability in audience measurement and campaign delivery. AdMobilize’s suite of analytics and engagement products are designed to be “Plug and Measure,” enabling real-time audience analytics and intelligence to be instantly activated at scale on any software/hardware platform.

AdMobilize’s founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman said: “Our partnerships, such as with Seedooh, exponentially advance our solutions in providing “truth metrics” across the global DOOH and OOH advertising landscape. Together with Seedooh we expect our value proposition to provide immense value to media owners and advertisers alike.”

Seedooh’s founder and CEO Tom Richter said: “It’s a logical next step for us to enable audience reporting alongside Seedooh’s verified play-out data. Our platform is designed and built to connect data and improve efficiency via standardisation, aggregation and automation. Independently verified proof of play data at scale provides a solid foundation on which to build rich, connected data-sets of high value in the data-led future of Out-of-Home and location based marketing.”


Seedooh creates new roles to focus on global expansion

Seedooh is actively targeting Europe, the US and Asia for its next growth phase after consolidating its business in Australia.

There is growing overseas interest in the Seedooh platform from media organisations who want to be as transparent as possible to give advertisers confidence in their products, as well as advertisers and agencies who want to receive a more complete view of their entire campaigns.

Seedooh uses global best practice verification controls, and no such rigorous independent third-party assurance currently exists in any other market.

To focus on these international growth priorities, the company has created two new roles. Seedooh’s Director of Confidence, Kenta Shimizu, has been appointed SVP North America, while Joe Copley becomes MD Europe and APAC.

“We have stepped up our marketing and business development activities in Europe and the US particularly, as a result of heightened interest in our solution,” said Seedooh Founder and CEO Tom Richter. “Australia is leading the way in the technology and control systems necessary to independently verify advertising campaigns, especially in the Out of Home market, which traditionally has not always been easy to measure.”

The company recently extended its Australian offering beyond the Out of Home category into cinema, with Val Morgan announcing last month it would be providing transparent verification and reporting of cinema advertising campaign delivery via the Seedooh platform. Val Morgan opted for the Australian owned and developed verification platform after a thorough global review of available technology, in order to help deliver more transparency.

Seedooh’s Out of Home platform provides fast-time, independently verified, complete delivery reporting for any Digital Out of Home campaign using the top seven media suppliers in Australia, with ongoing growth in New Zealand. The company offers the most robust solution in the market across digital and classic formats, with direct connection into media owners’ systems and a rigorous controls framework around connections and data. This means Seedooh can offer subscribing agencies and advertisers a consolidated view of their verified campaigns across multiple suppliers, instantly and at scale.

The platform has reported on 20,000 campaigns since launch, and is now processing 1.4bn data points a month – consumed by almost 2,000 registered users in Australia. The Seedooh platform will also complete its SOC2 level assurance report via PwC early in 2020.

“Since launching our Independent Verification Platform (IVP) almost three years ago, we have focused on delivery reporting that provides efficiency and confidence for all participants, while enabling improved automation through standardisation and connectivity,” Mr Richter added.

“The best practice assurance controls within our IVP are well designed and can be easily adapted for other industry sub-verticals, and we are looking forward to building our business as interest continues to grow in connected, independently verified data at scale.”

About Seedooh

Seedooh creates new value for the buy and sell participants of the OOH sector by connecting, standardising and verifying both Classic and Digital Out-of-Home delivery data. Seedooh’s Independent Verification Platform (IVP) is purpose built for the present, with future-proof system architecture. Since 2015, Seedooh has been working with Australian and global businesses to develop, test and prove its own proprietary, entirely independent reporting technology and controls methodology – at scale.