Revolutionary new online media marketplace Helio has joined forces with reporting platform Seedooh to provide third-party verification for the delivery of its out-of-home (OOH) campaigns across Australia.

Helio, the new kid on the advertising block, is transforming the industry with its online media marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in Australia. Under an online self-serve model, businesses can search and book media spaces on Helio 24/7 – it’s as easy as booking an Airbnb or Uber.

Seedooh, which is the only reporting system that provides near real-time, third party verified delivery data for both Classic and Digital formats, will now automate the reporting stage for connected sellers, by verifying the fulfilment of Helio’s DOOH and OOH campaigns, with no additional steps in the process for either buyer or seller.


Tom Richter, Founder and CEO of Seedooh, says,

“We’re impressed with the Helio platform and its ability to simplify and smooth the process of campaign implementation –  from planning, through transaction, execution and reporting. 

“It’s a huge step forward for advertisers who may have previously been put off by complexities, or who are just looking for significant efficiency gains.”

Helio co-founder Laura Hall says,

“For all the media placements that we help advertisers connect with, they expect confirmation that it has been delivered as booked. 

“The partnership and integration with Seedooh’s automated platform provides complete confidence to our customers that we are monitoring and protecting their investment, to ensure they get the result they were expecting.”


Helio is the brainchild of Sydney advertising experts Laura and Peter Hall who, based on years of media experience, developed a way to make the complex process of sourcing and booking advertising easier.

The online marketplace helps businesses of all sizes, including SMEs, find advertising opportunities across any advertising channel, anywhere in Australia, making the complex process of booking ad-space easy.

Since launching last year, Helio now has more than 350 advertising offers on the platform, spanning everything from LED signage and TV commercials at sports stadiums, to state-wide radio exposure, local digital and static billboards, bus campaigns and various advertising opportunities at events such as the Sydney Easter Show.

Whether it’s a $200 local advert or a $10,000 billboard campaign, opportunities can be found to suit any budget. Searching Helio is 100% free for businesses, and with no barriers to entry, buyers can select the dates they’d like to advertise and create a booking in minutes. By signing up for alerts and updates, they can also receive weekly ad offers straight into their inbox. 


Together, Seedooh and Helio promise a giant leap forward in convenience and confidence for media buyers.

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