Confidence in campaign delivery is a critical requirement for continued expansion of Out of Home in the media value chain.

Increasing global investment in digital Out of Home media formats is driving an exponential increase in both the complexity and volume of message delivery data. The industry is characterised by multiple supplier formats and naming conventions, silo based production processes and disconnected digital delivery systems.

Adding to this complexity, a significant share of spend is still invested in traditional printed formats. This will remain so into the foreseeable future.

How do advertisers and media buyers ensure that the delivery reporting of both classic and digital OOH activity is available in a timely, unbiased, credible, usable and scalable format?

Seedooh for Agency

Media Buyers and Advertisers must have trust in the data that underlies delivery reporting. Seedooh is using global best practices for data integrity and security controls to help create a standardised, industry-wide assurance framework.

Seedooh aggregates classic and digital data with campaign booking information to enable a fast and effortless vizualization of complex datasets.

Seedooh for Media Owner

Media Owners can realise significantly improved reporting efficiency, with the added advantage of independent, third party verification. 

Seedooh provides a highly secure, CMS agnostic, cloud-based environment, supporting real time installation and play out data, for classic and digital formats.