[Media Owner]

Seedooh [Media Owner] is a CMS agnostic, highly secure, cloud-based delivery reporting system. Seedooh connects to the tech stack within a Media Owner production environment, to support near time reporting of third party assured, independent installation and play out data, for classic and digital formats.

Media Owners deploy the services of the Seedooh Platform, to report campaign activity on a self serve basis. This drives confidence from direct and agency advertisers, whilst releasing sales administration resources through significantly improved reporting efficiency. Seamless, secure distribution of campaign critical information.

Vendors wishing to leverage the benefits of sharing validated campaign delivery data via a trusted third party, without engaging deep business system integrations, can deploy a data participation version of the Seedooh Platform. This robust, source connected solution offers all the assurance and data aggregation benefits to key Agencies and Advertisers who are utilising Seedooh [Agency and Advertiser] Platform.