[Agency & Advertiser]

Seedooh [Agency & Advertiser] is a compliance as a service solution that directly connects Media Buyers and Advertisers to verified, standardised aggregated campaign delivery reporting, across the many OOH vendors that are engaged to complete the delivery of an OOH campaign. Seedooh utilises it’s deep, source-data connections to obtain and verify reported activity, directly from the various production systems and processes in use within Media owner environments.

Seedooh’s intuitive reporting dashboard provides close to real time reporting directly from the field, with measurement visibility over 100% of the campaign delivery. To get started, advertisers and agencies request their suppliers connect with Seedooh, or simply access data from Seedooh’s existing media owner data participants. Once live, validated campaign data will be visible across each of the critical OOH contract compliance metrics, including:

booked v delivered plays

share of voice, time, day part

multiple formats & vendors

Validated installer POPs

classic install & take down

User defined exception reporting

A single, secure environment arranged on defined user permissions and easily shared user interface, the Seedooh platform enables a fast and effortless visualisation of complex datasets, across all campaigns, all formats, all connected media owners. Seedooh [Agency & Advertiser] is built to provide a robust, campaign wide, delivery reporting solution for all OOH campaigns.