Confidence: a critical requirement in the Out of Home media value chain.

Increasing global investment in digital Out of Home media formats is driving an exponential increase in both the complexity and volume of message delivery data.

Adding to this complexity, a significant share of spend is still invested now, and for the mid term future, in traditional printed formats. Within this structure the industry is characterised by multiple supplier formats and naming conventions.

Dynamic, live, public space networks, operated within highly secure, silo based production and disconnected digital delivery systems contain the data that media buyers and advertisers require visibility over, to deliver the confidence that what was booked, is what was delivered.

Seedooh Platform connects directly to the source production data within the media supply chain, to collect, validate, verify, standardise and aggregate campaign delivery information. Reporting is available across two stand alone, hosted software as a service solutions – Seedooh [Agency & Advertiser] and [Seedooh Media Owner].

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