Seedooh’s Assurance Framework

Independent. Best practice. Globally recognised. Trusted.

Increasing transparency and enhancing trust, a challenge across many industries and particularly relevant in today’s out-of-home advertising market.

As the out-of-home industry experiences ongoing growth through digitisation and new technologies continue to be introduced, the media supply chain becomes increasingly cluttered and complex, and the need for transparent, verified campaign reporting becomes far greater.

Seedooh is committed to helping the out-of-home industry bridge a seemingly increasing confidence gap, while becoming a leading voice in trust and transparency.

Seedooh’s assurance program

Seedooh’s assurance program is designed to create confidence that campaign delivery data being reported through the Seedooh platform is secure, complete and accurate. The program is simple, consisting of three key elements:

Seedooh’s Confidence Framework: Using globally accepted best practice controls and leading non-financial control methodologies, the framework focuses on the complete and accurate reporting of campaign data through a secure system environment – developed specifically for out-of-home.

Assurance Readiness: Providing media support in preparing for controls assurance reporting, focusing on the design, implementation and improvement of data integrity practices in alignment with Seedooh’s Confidence Framework.

Type 1 and Type 2 Controls Assurance: Seedooh has aligned with leading consultancy firm, PwC Australia, to provide independent controls assurance reporting to media owners. Reports include an opinion on the effectiveness of media owner controls related to data security and integrity, and can be shared with customers with the purpose of increasing transparency and enhancing trust.